Machu Picchu is unmissable, but it’s also a massive rip off. So was it worth it?

This may be controversial... but from start to finish, we felt milked by Machu Picchu. It cost us the best part of Β£800 over 2 days. Are the Peruvians ripping everyone off? Can you really blame them? Or could there be a cheaper way of doing it?


Here’s why a jeep tour from Chile to Bolivia should be on everyone’s ‘before-I-die list’!

Some natural wonders are just so awe inspiringly brilliant, words or even photographs cannot adequately do justice to them. But imagine seeing a series of once in a lifetime views relentlessly, one after another, for three days, and you'll begin to understand what it's like to take part in a Jeep tour from Chile to Bolivia!

Hong Kong: 5 must-dos (and a couple of don’ts!)

We only spent 4 days and 4 nights in Hong Kong, and after the mayhem of Bangkok we didn't think it could be any more crazy... how wrong we were!


Stunning sunrises & misty mountainsides in Ella

Tea, trains, factories, mountains, waterfalls and stunning sunrises - Ella has them all. But this small place nestled in the mountains is expanding fast, so get there soon before it turns entirely from tea town to tourist town.


Bandarawela: Hill top trains & a colonial time-warp

Bustling & gritty, Bandarawela is not renowned in tea country for its beauty - but one place alone is worthy of a visit just for its colonial beauty, and became a welcome relaxing rest stop for us after scaling Adam's Peak.