Our first stop in the USA – a perfect birthday, sightseeing like a local & getting sh*tfaced in Seattle!!!

We weren't 'Sleepless in Seattle', more 'Sh*tfaced in Seattle!', but then it was Chris' birthday! How fortunate then for our hangovers this is the city where Starbucks was born, & we made two new friends who showed us all the sights worth seeing! But it's not only the world's largest coffee chain this city has given to the world...


Steak, that time we almost checked in another girl’s bag in Buenos Aires, and other stories!

Buenos Aires is a remarkable city, unique in South America. But its abiding memory for us is the time we narrowly averted disaster after picking up someone else's backpack from our hostel and nearly flying off with it!

Tuk tuks & fishy tales in Negombo

Everything in Sri Lanka travels at 100mph. Markets bustle with life, tuk tuks whizz by with wanton disregard for any kind of Highway Code (see also: buses, cars, pedestrians. It’s a free for all), and everyone seems to be busy at all times. Negombo was all of these things. A frenetic town just north of … Continue reading Tuk tuks & fishy tales in Negombo