And that was the adventure that was – our explosive Washington DC finale didn’t disappoint…!

The end. Finito. Farewell. Washington D.C. marked the final few days of our 180-days-around-the-world adventure. In many ways, we felt ready to go home. That is until the very dawning realisation of reentering the real world crashed over us!


Cricket, cocktails & capital capers in Colombo

Colombo felt a bit charmless compared to the rest of this beautiful country, but despite what some guides say, there's plenty to be interested in if you look hard - and walk far - enough...

Buckled up and ready for the time of our lives

So we are on board and ready to go- after the usual last minute panic dash because we thought we could squeeze in a cheeky pint. In Wetherspoons we bumped into two cheeky faces Chris wasn't expecting- his school buddies Jenna & Katie- who gave us both a Nottingham farewell (that's nothing sinister!). It followed … Continue reading Buckled up and ready for the time of our lives