Why all visitors to New York SHOULDN’T stay in Manhattan 

This was the second to last stop on our round the world trip - and it was EPIC, including sights, celebs, plenty of cocktails, and hanging in Brooklyn!


The Golden Gate Bridge Proposal and why it was a bit of a shambles!

Chris says he always knew he was planning to propose to James at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Why then was it so last minute and shambolic? Well this is Chris all over isn't it?...

Our San Francisco couch surf experience & why we won’t be doing it again

What happens when two tight fisted travellers crash land in the world's most expensive city? An awkward, free-accommodation experience neither of us want to repeat...


From Dusk Til Dawn; our Santiago all nighter & huge row (which Chris lost!)

It started as an innocent pub crawl. It ended at 9am after three clubs, getting stuck in the Santiago Marathon, a blazing row on which direction to go, then a three-hour drunken stumble home!


Is Sydney really one of the least fun cities in the world?

Believe it or not Timeout recently ranked Sydney as the third least fun city in the world. Why? Well everyone goes to bed early! It's a city which you'd expect should never sleep, but it does, unless you look in the right places that is...


36 hours in Bangkok which nearly broke us!

We knew Bangkok had a reputation for craziness, but karaoke sing-offs with locals, techno clubs & meeting NBA basket ballers in a secret rave in a derelict hotel wasn't quite what we had in mind!