When we pretended we were clever enough to go to Harvard University in Boston…

Bostonians speak funny. And that’s coming from a Brummie and whatever-someone-from-Nottingham-is-called. We’re used to unusual accents. But Baw-stan’s drawl is something else!


From Dusk Til Dawn; our Santiago all nighter & huge row (which Chris lost!)

It started as an innocent pub crawl. It ended at 9am after three clubs, getting stuck in the Santiago Marathon, a blazing row on which direction to go, then a three-hour drunken stumble home!

Hong Kong: 5 must-dos (and a couple of don’ts!)

We only spent 4 days and 4 nights in Hong Kong, and after the mayhem of Bangkok we didn't think it could be any more crazy... how wrong we were!


Dutch colonial fort the scene for cultural spectacular in Galle

We caught Galle at a lucky time, visiting on the opening night of its 8th annual literary festival, which was pretty impressive!