Searching for Ron Burgundy in San Diego!

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means 'a whale's vagina'.


The Great Californian Road Trip Part 2 – fending off bears & squirrels in Yosemite National Park!

The middle of our road trip heralded one of our biggest arguments so far, Chris was paranoid about hungry bears and horror stories of them ripping open cars and camper vans like tin cans! James told him not to be stupidโ€ฆ

Six adventurous ways to crank up the adrenaline on the Gringo Trail in Peru (and something famous you should probably give a miss)

We're normally pretty lazy human beings, opting for a lie in than any morning exercise. Untrue to form - in our final week in Peru we decided to cram as much action in as possible, mainly because this adventure junkie's paradise is so cheap!


San Pedro de Atacama: What we got up to in the desert!

San Pedro de Atacama is peak Gringo Trail. The town itself feels like Disney World Does The Desert. But there's a reason we - and so many others - make this an unmissable stop on their South American journey....


Why any Oz trip should include a stop at Jervis Bay…

When you are told over and over again how beautiful a place is before you get there, it can sometimes be a let down. But Jervis Bay did not disappoint us one bit...


Exploring unseen South Thailand OFF the tourist trail!

The big resorts have their place, but here's why getting off the beaten track was our Thailand highlight, and we felt like adventurers without any other tourists in sight...


Koh Lanta – unfortunately where our ‘honeymoon holiday’ period ended!

The bubble was going to have to burst at some point, and a mixture of bad weather, bad lodgings & bad planning taught us some valuable travelling lessons.