Our first stop in the USA – a perfect birthday, sightseeing like a local & getting sh*tfaced in Seattle!!!

We weren't 'Sleepless in Seattle', more 'Sh*tfaced in Seattle!', but then it was Chris' birthday! How fortunate then for our hangovers this is the city where Starbucks was born, & we made two new friends who showed us all the sights worth seeing! But it's not only the world's largest coffee chain this city has given to the world...


Buckled up and ready for the time of our lives

So we are on board and ready to go- after the usual last minute panic dash because we thought we could squeeze in a cheeky pint. In Wetherspoons we bumped into two cheeky faces Chris wasn't expecting- his school buddies Jenna & Katie- who gave us both a Nottingham farewell (that's nothing sinister!). It followed … Continue reading Buckled up and ready for the time of our lives