Who are the Journeying Journos?


Six months. Twelve countries. Four continents. Two broadcast journalists embarking on one journey of a lifetime.

After months of “maybe one day”, we took 6 months off work to travel the world and maybe inspire a few people who’ve put off their own grand plans.


Chris worked for the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster ITV for 6.5 years before his 6 months off in January 2017, as a news reporter, newscaster and award winning online journalist.


James worked for the BBC as a Political reporter on both TV and Radio – and with Brexit what a busy year he had in 2016! Over his 9 years at the corporation, he worked at Network and regional level covering major breaking stories, and won the New York Festival’s World’s Best Radio Programme Award in 2015.

But then together, and after years of hard graft inΒ our careers, we decided 2017 was the time to cover our own story. We packed probably too much into the 26 weeks, and as you’d have expected from two guys in TV, we filmed and wrote as we went. So we hope you enjoy catching up on all the craziness we had along the way, as we became our own correspondents around the world.

One thought on “Who are the Journeying Journos?

  1. Meeting you while you are on your epic journey and now looking at your work photos, I’d say that this vacation has been good for your health.

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