Why any Oz trip should include a stop at Jervis Bay…

‘Sometimes, travelling is about standing still’

jervis-articleYou’d have thought Jervis Bay would be quite simple to pronounce wouldn’t you? It’s easy to come unstuck with ‘Woolloomoolloo’ or ‘Geelong’, but Jervis Bay should be straightforward, right? Wrong.

We assumed it was ‘Jer-vis’, as you would. Then everyone started telling us how much we’d enjoy ‘Jarvis Bay’.

We rolled with it, until everyone actually living on the Bay pronounced it Jervis. Potato potartoe.

But the one thing everyone was right about was how amazingly beautiful this place is.

Special thanks go to Elle and Pete and Elle’s amazing parents who let us stay in their wonderful beach house for next to nothing. It was the first time we’ve felt truly at home and utterly relaxed on our travels so far.img_3590

Jervis Bay is a huge collection of picture perfect beaches, coves and inlets, quaint seaside towns, multi million dollar holiday homes and stunning national park and forest, less than 3 hours south of Sydney.


We were based on Bream Beach, which may not boast the white sand of those more famous nearby, but just look at these other worldly sunsets!


Bream Beach, unlike most of Jervis’s strips of sand, faces west on to St George’s Basin, rather than east towards the sea, so we were treated to these amazing displays of colour nightly, less than 50 metres from our verandah.

Our front porch also treated us to a crash course in indigenous Australian wildlife!

Families of kangaroos bounced around the park unfazed by people (they know we’ll feed them bread).

We even caught the incredible sight of a young Joey sheltering in his mother’s pouch, its spindly legs poking out at right angles. Who needs the zoo!

Chris also got a bit too friendly with a possum and got a little nick on his finger to show for it!


Tourists head to Jervis for its incredible beaches, with Hyams the big ticket draw, with its many kilometres of powdery white sand. Some claim it’s the whitest in the world. Many will dispute that, but its hard to dispute how special it is.

Our favourite beach though has to be Murray’s Beach, on the southern tip of the bay. We felt a million miles away from the real world, rather than a 20 minute drive through the forest.

The pictures speak greater volumes than I ever could. Sometimes travelling is about standing still, and after weeks of relentless movement, spending a few hours here to just ‘be’ was perfect.

But when the time comes to get active, Jervis is also great for fans of a good yomp through the forest.


There are plenty of short and longer walking trails for all levels of walker, and we certainly got our steps up on this trip!

But we needed a boat to catch a glimpse of the true stars of Jervis Bay; its hundreds of dolphins.

We headed in to the main town of Huskisson and paid up for a relatively cheap dolphin watching trip (less than £20 each).

We couldn’t believe how many pods of dolphins we saw. They certainly performed for us, even a little baby, who apparently had only just learnt to jump out of the water!

The tour was completely respectful of the animals and to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat was something we’ll always remember.

The Persson’s cosy cabin at Bream Beach

Even though we packed a lot in to our four days in the bay, it’s also the most relaxing time we’ve had so far.

We cooked for ourselves, wore ourselves out during the day and collapsed on the sofa at night after another amazing sunset.

The bright lights of Sydney beckoned next, and this was the perfect country calm before the madness of the city!


2 thoughts on “Why any Oz trip should include a stop at Jervis Bay…

  1. Absolutely! I went to Jervis Bay last week and it was stunning! Same to you I wrote a blog and took a video too as I was quite impressed 🙂 plan to go again when warmer.


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