Are we tight arses for not spending £350 climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge? Or is it the complete rip-off we suspect it is?

Climbing the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge seemed like a no brainer during our trip to Australia’s most famous city.

So before we left Blighty we had a quick scan for tickets, but almost spat our dinners out when we saw the cost!


A standard bridge climb during a weekday will set you back $288AUS (£177) for a 3 and a half hour ‘experience’.

Want to do it at the weekend? That’ll be $303AUS (£187)

You want to do it at sunrise/sunset you say? That’ll set you back $353/373AUS (£218/£230).

PER PERSON! You’ve basically just spent the equivalent of a week half board in Spain to put on a boiler suit and climb a few steps.


Now James is especially renowned for being tight, but how on earth have they arrived at that cost?!

We asked our friends in Oz and most of them said it was a rip off and the views are just as good walking over the bridge for free or climbing the Pylon Lookout for 15 bucks.

But maybe it’s the ‘experience’ of clambering up a bridge that justifies the cost?

95% of TripAdvisor reviewers give it either 4 or 5 stars, so it must be worth the money, right?

One of the recent 3000+ excellent reviewers wrote…

“To me there’s not enough superlatives to describe the Sydney BridgeClimb but if I simply say WOW, WOW and more WOW then you will probably get my drift. This was my second climb and it’s still as thrilling as ever and worth every single cent. Yes, it’s rather expensive, but hey, it’s a lifetime experience of mega-proportions.”

As round the world travellers the price was just too high, and we had a lovely walk across the bridge instead. But have we missed out? And is it really worth the money?

Some of the more negative reviewers online point to the laborious and long winded ‘briefing’ process to justify the cost, and how the climb itself only takes about 45 minutes.

And as always the negative reviews were also a joy to read!

“Stay away! It’s an over-hyped tourist scam. Outrageously expensive…over-dramatized preparation that takes nearly an hour to show you a film and teach you how attach a safety line and walk up and down steel stairs in a silly looking jumpsuit…

…P.T. Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute. My wife saw through the ruse in advance, and passed on the faux adventure. I got suckered. Don’t you. It’s the biggest rip-off of your time and money in Sydney.”

They point to how you’re not allowed to take your own camera even though the guide clips one to their own boiler suit to take photos of you at the top.

Which you then have to pay extra for. Another swizz to get even more money out of you? (One group photo plus a certificate, is provided in the cost according to the attraction’s website).


But surely that view from the arc of the bridge is pretty unbeatable? Maybe. But we think we’d still rather have the 500 bucks between us to spend on something else.

We did the extremely similar Up At The O2 arena climb in London almost exactly four years ago, where you scale the former Millennium Dome and get amazing views from the top.


At current prices, I could climb the o2  6 times for the cost of one BridgeClimb (it’s £30).

Something’s not right here, surely?

Someone please prove us miserly, skin flint backpackers wrong!


6 thoughts on “Are we tight arses for not spending £350 climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge? Or is it the complete rip-off we suspect it is?

  1. Agreeee! Did not do it. Walked the bridge sidewalk at our own pace took as many pics. It is the biggest rip off and the world’s biggest money printing machine…agree with a sucker every minute saying.


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