Beach bums, surf shacks & human pyramids in Weligama & Mirissa

Destroyed in the 2004 tsunami but now thriving and completely restored, the perfectly curved bays arcing around Mirissa and Weligama near Galle on the south coast are a surfers’ paradise (and a sunset seekers’ heaven).

dscn0830So despite our obvious lack of balance and poise, 9 of us took the plunge with a morning lesson with a teenage surfing champion, D.A Lucky!


After a training demo, we took to the sea, which was perfect for beginners with its regular but relatively small waves.


There were plenty of wipeouts, but each time someone managed to stay upright for more than a second was greeted with an exultant cheer.

It’s an adrenalin rush and just loads of fun. There are dozens of operators along Weligama beach, chat to a few and take your pick.

Mirissa has a more lively bar and restaurant scene than Weligama; most offer almost identical food and drink menus including Happy Hours, but with differing levels of service.


We liked Ben’s and the Paragon for good cocktails and tasty food. The fresh fish couldn’t have been more so; caught that day and laid out for you to take your pick.


Most bars play odd reggae covers of Adele and Ed Sheeran; some offer a bit of a boogie later and there are parties if you look for them. If you can’t – why not use your perfect 10 to make a human pyramid instead? Or go for a spot of skinny dipping (no pictures available!).


Some beach time to end our holiday has been the perfect end to a frenetic two weeks with wonderful friends; next stop, Bangkok! Well via Colombo of course – we’re not done with you yet Sri Lanka!


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