Tuk tuks & fishy tales in Negombo


Everything in Sri Lanka travels at 100mph. Markets bustle with life, tuk tuks whizz by with wanton disregard for any kind of Highway Code (see also: buses, cars, pedestrians. It’s a free for all), and everyone seems to be busy at all times.


Negombo was all of these things. A frenetic town just north of Colombo and the airport, it seems to survive on adrenalin.


At the Fish Market, fresh tuna, squid and everything in between were still gasping for breath as they were slapped down on concrete slabs, ready to be whisked away by hungry locals (or gawped at by British tourists!).


The beach on the other hand was an entirely different story. Established hotels and resorts with beach front pools, with service friendly and attentive, but trendy and expensive, we fell into the trap of spending a bit too much money on our first day. But it was worth it for the sunset!

The whole place hums with life and although, it’s by no means pretty, the genuine warmth of the locals has shone through every time, and we can’t wait for Adam’s Peak and the Hill country to come.


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