Negombo Beach sunset in 20 seconds

After a 12 hour flight and Sri Lanka being five and a half hours ahead of the UK, it was fair to say when we arrived to our first hotel at 9:45 on Tuesday morning we were something if a little tired.

The only way we saw fit was to push right on through – and stayed awake for 30 hours, sampling the delights of Negombo Beach and the Jetwing Blue hotel, with the help of a cocktail or several, and taking a photo or two.

No sleep but time to hit the beach #srilanka #beach #jetlag #paradise

A photo posted by Journeying Journos (@journeyingjournos) on Jan 3, 2017 at 12:20am PST


The highlight of staying awake and not succumbing to jetlag was this stunning sunset on our very first day, and I got to play with my new GoPro toy, albeit a tad inebriated. So here you are – a timelapse of Negombo beach sunset – in 20 seconds!

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